Formulary & Prescribing Guidelines – Community Health Services

Staff working within EPUT Community Health Services are required to follow the formulary and prescribing guidelines of the local commissioner. These can be found on the local commissioner’s webpages.

Bedfordshire Community Health Services

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Primary Care Formulary

South East Essex Community Health Services

Castle Point & Rochford Clinical Commissioning Groups Formulary
Southend Clinical Commissioning Groups Formulary

West Essex Community Health Services

West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group Prescribing Formularies

Waltham Forest Urgent Care Centre

Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group Prescribing Formularies

These formularies are not intended to supersede NICE Technology Appraisals (TAs). Most NICE TA approved drugs will be appropriate for initiation within secondary or tertiary care and may be specifically mentioned. Clinicians can and should prescribe medicines approved by NICE TAs where patients meet the clinical criteria set out in the guidance and that it is the most appropriate treatment option in the clinical judgement of the treating clinician.