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Spiritual care


The Chaplaincy Team is made up of chaplains from different faiths and varying denominations, including several volunteers who have been trained to provide this support. If we do not have a chaplain of your faith, then we can endeavour to find the appropriate religious or spiritual leader for you.

Professional Information

All conversations with the chaplaincy service are confidential, but certain matters such as any intention of self-harm or causing harm to others will be raised in the interest of safety.

Chaplains work alongside other healthcare professionals to provide pastoral, religious and spiritual support for patients, carer and EPUT staff members regardless of faith, belief or philosophy.

Our compassionate care evolves around the principles of kindness, hope, meaning and purpose of life.

Spiritual and faith care is an important aspect for health and social care. True holistic care means caring for the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of a person. When we respect a person’s faith, religious and spiritual beliefs, we motivate them to participate in their recovery and make informed decisions and choices about their treatment and care.

We aim to provide an inclusive service for people of all faiths, and beliefs, recognizing each person as an individual and respecting their values, age, gender, disability, cultural, and sexual orientation.

Sometimes the stress of coming into hospital can raise questions, anxieties and fears. We are here to listen and offer emotional support to anyone during their stay in hospital. You do not to have to be a religious person to talk to us!

What can the chaplaincy and spiritual care team offer?

We can spend time with you and listen to you. Our chaplains will visit anyone if asked, whether they have a faith or not.

Our team can offer you and your family support so that you do not feel alone, especially if you are faced with difficult decisions to make. Our lead chaplain is available to provide support and advice for end of life and bereavement care

We can pray with you, organise other religious ceremonies or services, or contact leaders from your own faith or belief group on your behalf

The team can assist patients and staff in planning and managing the pastoral and spiritual aspects of their care plans

We can also help members of staff deal with work-related stress.

Accessing the service

If you or a relative would like to talk to someone from the chaplaincy and spiritual care team, or you would like to arrange for a member of the team to visit someone in one of our hospital units, you can ask any member of the healthcare team to contact us.

There are multi-faith, prayer and calm spaces at many trust locations.

Scriptures, other reading materials and religious items are available for you to use if you would find them helpful.

To discuss any of our spiritual care services, please contact us either by email: or write to: Chaplain’s Office Chapel /Prayer Room, Nethermayne, Basildon, Essex. SS16 5NL

Contact the team

Rev. Paul Walker
Head of Chaplaincy
Saffron, Epping and Harlow

Zaid Edoo
Basildon MHU, Thurrock & Rochford Hospitals

Helen Busby
Brockfield House adolescent unit

Rev. Hilary Platts
Colchester and Clacton

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