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Patients Know Best – our new online patient portal

Patients Know Best (PKB) is a new online patient portal being brought to you by Essex Partnership University Trust (EPUT). As a patient of EPUT, this free portal will allow patients to view their personal health information and access NHS services.

The portal is free to use and will allow patients to securely share information digitally with those who help in their care, such as their GP, pharmacist, family members, carers, or anyone else they trust in supporting their care. All personal information is safe and securely stored.

As it is vital to maintain accurate records for patients, we’ll continue to update patients' records in the portal as soon as new information is added to their records, based on the patient’s most recent activity. Patients will receive instant notifications whenever there’s new information, including access to additional services through their PKB portal.

If patients have already registered with PKB or used the system previously with another healthcare provider, they will receive auto-generated email notifications from PKB as soon as new information is added to their record by EPUT.

If you have any questions about PKB, or regarding inaccuracies in your records, please visit our website or contact We kindly ask that you include your NHS number in this email so that we can identify you in our databases.

Accessing Patients Know Best couldn’t be easier. Simply log in via the NHS App using your NHS login.

You can also sign up and log in using the Patients Know Best online portal, available on any web browser on any device.

If you already access EPUT services, you might receive an invitation from us to register for Patients Know Best. This could come via email, text message (SMS) or a letter in the post.

If you’ve been a patient with us over the last five years but haven’t received an invitation, don’t worry – you can register for Patients Know Best.

We’re excited to launch Patients Know Best, but it’s important to understand that information is being added to your portal gradually.

This means that at the beginning, you may not see any of your health information in your portal. You can expect to see more information added over time, and you will receive an automatic notification when more information becomes available.

While you wait for us to add information to your personal record, you can still claim your Patients Know Best and start using several of its features. These include:

  • adding your own data
  • tracking medication
  • adding allergy information
  • linking wearable devices (e.g. smart watches)
  • log health measurements

We're also working closely with clinical teams to introduce extra features and see how Patients Know Best can enhance your outpatient experience. We will gradually roll out these features over time.

Learn more about Patients Know Best and what to expect with this helpful video.

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