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Work for EPUT as a Community nurse

Join EPUT! This is what we offer you.

We offer regular supervision, along with a yearly appraisal, where you will receive one-to-one support from a dedicated supervisor who will provide guidance, motivation and clinical support.

Through supervision and appraisal, we will create a personalised development plan to help you fulfil your potential.

Continuing professional development course and as a trust promote career development for example - AP training, top up degree, DN specialist training, Advance Non-Medical Prescribing, Assessment Skills for Community Practitioners and Minor Illness: Assessment and Management to name a few. We have a close affiliation with local universities.

We offer a development programme from Band 5 nurses in charge through to band 6 and 7 leadership.

There are a wealth of job opportunities in EPUT. We offer Nursing career clinics, where we provide space for you to explore how you feel about work, aspirations for the future and opportunities in the workplace. This can include information about training opportunities and leadership development.

The Trust has a number of flexible working options available and continues to develop new ways of working to improve working lives. Read more about it here

We offer community and clinical nursing positions across many facilities in different parts of Essex, allowing nurses to develop career while free to relocate in the area.

Become a Healthcare Community Leader 

Be part of Multidisciplinary Team 

Working as part of Multidisciplinary teams within designated Primary Care Network (PCN) Community nurses are available across their own PCN to allow us to work more closely together so we can offer good quality seamless care.

They will actively focus on the implementation of the out of hospital model of care as part of locality virtual integrated teams including GPs, their practice staff and all Care Professionals.

In order to deliver integrated and seamless care, the Community Nursing Service teams will work closely with but not limited to:

  • Primary Care Networks
  • General Practitioners
  • Practice nurses /other staff
  • 111 Service
  • MDTd

  • Havens Hospice
  • Residential / Care Homes
  • Social Services
  • EEAST - Ambulance Provider
  • Pharmacies

  • Specialist Teams
  • Hospital at Home
  • A&E
  • Care of the Elderly (Medicine)
  • Discharge Team

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