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OET & IELTS English training for OTNs

The Offer:
Health Education England (HEE) in partnership with NHS England (NHSE) offer support to OTNs to upskills their English. Eligible OTNs will receive an average of £1,750 of English language training and examination support based on their baseline English language proficiency level.

Who can join:
Overseas Trained Nurses (OTN) currently working in the NHS in non-nursing roles (e.g., support workers, health care assistants and health care support worker roles).
The opportunity does not include nurses from 2021/2022 IR programme.

1. The candidate must be able to demonstrate an English Language proficiency level at a minimum:
- IELTS: 5.5-6.0,
- OET: C
- CEFR: B2
The level must be demonstrated by an examination transcript or baseline screening test (BST) undertaken within the previous six months.
2. OTNs that would be eligible to register with the NMC (please see NMC guidance for further information).

How to Apply:

​If you think you may be eligible for the support grant and are ready to invest extra time and effort in your language skills, please get in touch.

Contact providing the following information:
- Full name of the candidate
- OTN Email Address
- OTN contact number
- When examination was done during the last six months (date)
- What type of examination was done during the last six months (OET, IELTS, CEFR)
- Can candidate provide examination transcript
- What examination the candidate prefers to do (OET, IELTS)

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