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Response to C4 Dispatches

A spokesperson for Essex Partnership University NHS Trust said:

“The care and safety of patients is our number one priority. We are taking the allegations raised [by Channel 4] extremely seriously and we understand how distressing this is for patients, their families and carers. When we were contacted about these issues, we took immediate action to protect patient safety and commissioned a full investigation.

“We have informed our regulators, safeguarding partners and partner organisations, and will continue to work with them and keep them updated on the actions we are taking as a result.”


  • EPUT is in the second year of a safety strategy “Safety First, Safety Always” which looks to drive improvement across all aspects of patient care
  • Since 2020 there has been a £40m investment in both inpatient and community services to create safe and therapeutic wards and enhanced support to care for people in their homes
  • We care for over 100 000 people at any one time, often supporting people who are vulnerable or experiencing a mental health crisis
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