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Looking after our staff

Our staff is our greatest asset, and we consider wellbeing a priority. We aim to creating a workplace environment that our people love, feel safe, accepted and encouraged. 

We promote organisational culture that fosters individual and team awareness and responsibility for health and wellbeing.

Staff networks

Staff networks offer a place for staff to come together, share experiences and facilitate learning and development. Networks assist in the shaping and delivery of Trust strategy and policy, working to improve staff experience on specific issues relating to each network.

Faith, spirituality and chaplaincy

Our chaplaincy team provides non-judgmental, sensitive, and confidential support and aim to provide links with various faith and religious groups as required.

The chaplaincy Team is made up of chaplains from different faiths and varying denominations.



Our dedicated Carer Support Service gives carers an opportunity to talk about their caring role and responsibilities.  

Equality and inclusion

EPUT is an equal opportunity employer and work to ensure that everyone has fair access to services and employment without experiencing any form of discrimination. Find out more about the work we have been doing at EPUT.

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