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Community nursing is a family affair in Hockley this Christmas

Community nursing in Hockley this Christmas will be a family affair with a mum and her three daughters working over the holiday season to care for those in need.

Julie Goodge and her daughters Michelle Carlow, Carla Hotten and Beckie Longman will all be working in the Hockley Integrated Adult Services teams at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) over the festive period.

Julie, a senior health and social care worker, Michelle, a modern matron, Carla, a registered nurse and Becky, a senior district nurse, have together worked for EPUT for more than 60 years.

Throughout their careers they have always worked over the Christmas and New Year period and this year will no different. They will all be sacrificing time with loved ones to provide urgent, routine and end of life care for patients in their own homes across Hockley, Castle Point and Rochford.

Michelle said: “Patients come first. People get sick at Christmas and we all do our bit – it’s what we signed up for. On the days when we aren’t working, our phones will be on and uniforms ready in case we are needed.

“I work with some of the most amazing staff and patients every day of the year. We touch their lives and they certainly touch ours, a reminder that kindness and compassion exists in everyday life.”

The NHS is in the family’s blood. Michelle’s daughter is currently doing her medical training and her aunt Tracey White is a health and social care worker at EPUT. Tracey’s daughter-in-laws Shannon White, a registered nurse, and

Daisy White, a senior health and social care worker, will also be working over Christmas in the Hockley area for the Trust.

CEO Paul Scott said: “Patient safety remains our number one priority every day of the year. Many of our staff will be working over Christmas and New Year to ensure our patients continue to get the care they need.

“I send my heartfelt thanks to colleagues across EPUT and other NHS organisations who are working this Christmas.”

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