Patient Experience

Welcome to the Patient Experience Team (PET) Page!

Placing the patient at the heart of the Trust is fundamental to everything we do at EPUT.

To provide the best possible service we use professionals – doctors, nurses and therapists – who are experts in their field. The people who use our services are experts by experience and are the real authorities on our performance so we welcome their feedback wherever possible.

We have enthusiastic Patient Experience Groups, Carer Groups and Stakeholder Groups that oversee the work that we do. Service users and carers can complete surveys to give us important feedback about their experiences of using our services.

These are just some of the many opportunities we have for service users, carers and volunteers to become involved with the Trust to help us develop the services we provide.

If you are interested in attending meetings, joining focus groups or workshops, commenting on draft policies, or participating in recruitment panels then please contact us.

Do you want to volunteer with EPUT? If so, visit our volunteering page to find out how to sign up and what roles are currently on offer! Click here to view!


Get in touch if there is something that you would like to see featured on here. We are always happy to receive feedback, good or bad!


Matthew Sisto
Director of Patient Experience
I joined the Trust in April 2021, having worked at (and with) many NHS organisations both locally and nationally in the last 10 years of my career. With that I bring a range of transferable experience to the team, and organisation, to transform how we improve the experience of the people that use our services. I am passionate about improving lives for our NHS patrons, and recognise myself as a service user, along with my loved ones, which drives me to make meaningful and lasting change.

Amy Poole
Head of Patient Experience

I have worked previously in mental health and community health care settings. I have a MSc in Positive Psychology that I find myself using every day; in managing a team, liaising with patients and working with colleagues from partner organisations.  I am passionate about driving meaningful change out across the Trust, through public involvement. I am excited to be in the current patient experience team and to work together on what we plan to achieve in the next 3 years.

Christine Cantello
Senior Patient Experience Coordinator – Recompense Policy for Lived Experience Ambassadors & Buddy Scheme
I have worked for EPUT & previously SEPT (South Essex Partnership Trust) for over 16 years in the Patient Experience Team, working with Volunteers and Lived Experience Ambassadors. I am currently leading on the new Recompense Policy and facilitate the Buddy Scheme, where Lived Experience Ambassadors share their stories with our mental health nursing and Allied Health Professional students.

Jenny Hedges
Patient Experience Coordinator for Mid, North East and West Essex
I have worked for EPUT since the merger in 2017, previously working for NEPT (North Essex Partnership Trust) in the Complaints & PALS department. I am currently responsible for the Mental Health Forums, Open Inpatient Meetings, Working with Volunteers and Lived Experience Ambassadors, Engagement and Involvement, Smart Surveys, Friends & Family Test Questionnaires (FFT) and ‘You Said, We Did’.

Allison King
Patient Experience Coordinator for South East and South West Essex
I have been working for EPUT for a little over 2 years, transferring over from the Complaints & PALS department in April 2021. I am currently responsible for the Mental Health Forums, Open Inpatient Meetings, Working with Volunteers and Lived Experience Ambassadors, Engagement and Involvement, Smart Surveys, Friends & Family Test Questionnaires (FFT) and ‘You Said, We Did’ along with the website and intranet pages for the team. With my background in Communications, I hope to ensure that these pages are kept up to date and current; I welcome any feedback on ways that we can improve our digital platform. Please do get in touch with your suggestions and comments on how to make this digital space work for you! 

Judit Gere
Patient Experience Volunteer Administrator

I have worked in the NHS for the past few years, starting in a clinical role as a dental nurse in 2017, then last year supporting the National Test and Trace Team in the fight against COVID-19. I am excited about my new role as a Volunteers Administrator with EPUT. I enjoy helping people and working for a good cause.

Elliott Churchill
Patient Experience Administrative Assistant

I have joined the team as an Administrative Assistant under the Kickstart Scheme. I am always willing and show a keen interest in developing my skills, both personally and in the area of administration and IT. I feel warmly welcomed for this opportunity to work in the NHS and hope to continue to prosper, going forward.

Georgie Lockhart
Patient Experience Volunteer Coordinator

I have worked for EPUT since after the merger in 2017, as a Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant for Business Support. I recently took a secondment with the Mass Vaccination Programme, working with the Volunteering Bureau and have now returned to my previous role as a Volunteer Coordinator, within the Patient Experience Team.

You can contact any of the team on the email to the right of this page…


Our people (patients, carers and families included) are involved with key decisions and engaged in driving forward meaningful change; with engagement at the heart of everything we do. Ensuring that the experience of those that use our services is a golden thread throughout the Trust; seen as equal in value to safety and quality.

We are Compassionate, Empowering and Open

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