Council of Governors

Council of Governors elections: we have written to NHS Improvement (NHSI) advising them of the Trust’s proposals in relation to the Council of Governors elections that are currently taking place in line with the Post Transactions Integration Plans (PTIP) following the merger of NEP and SEPT and the establishment of EPUT.

The formal election process commenced on 20 April 2017 when nominations were opened and the elections will close on 16 June 2017.  A detailed publicity plan commenced on the establishment of the Trust that includes timed written communications to members; in addition various prospective Governor workshops led by the Acting Chair and Trust Secretary have been held across the Trust’s constituencies with the last one being held on 27 April 2017.

On the announcement of the general election we took advice from Electoral Reform Society (ERS) – the independent scrutineers for the elections – who have confirmed that there is no legal reason to delay the elections due to purdah.  This view has also been confirmed by the Trust’s legal advisers – Hempsons.  Both have advised that it is highly unlikely that the nomination statements will include any ‘political’ statements but if this was the case, then the individual would be contacted and the relevant statement redacted.

The Trust will therefore continue with the Governor elections to the above timeframe as not to do so would jeopardise the establishment of the Council of Governors for mid-June 2017 and would have an impact on the other timebound activities on the PTIP including the appointment of the substantive Board of Directors

Governors play an important role in our Trust as members of our Council of Governors. They reflect the views of the Trust’s members, promote and support the Trust’s strategy, hold the Board’s Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board, and help the Trust to decide its future direction.

The Board of Directors and Council of Governors work closely together.  However, Governors are not involved in matters of day to day management such as budget setting, staffing issues or other operational matters.

Governors, who are volunteers are appointed by partner and stakeholder organisations or are elected by the Trust’s staff and public members.  All Governors will hold terms of office as set out in the Trust’s constitution; this is normally for a period of up to three years with a maximum of three terms of office.  Governors are eligible to stand again for election or appointment following a break of at least a year.

The Council of Governors is made up of

  • Public Governors who will represent their own constituency;
  • Staff Governors who will represent staff from their own professional background;
  • Partnership Governors who are nominated by our partner organisations.

The Council of Governors holds four formal meetings each year plus an annual members meeting and general public meeting and these meetings are open to the public.

How to contact a Governor

Governors can be contacted through the Trust Secretary Office by any of the following methods:

Membership Office
Essex Partnership University Trust
The Lodge
Lodge Approach
SS11 7XX