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The Lampard Inquiry

The Lampard Inquiry has announced the opening of its Core Participation application process. More information can be found on the Lampard Inquiry website.

The Lampard Inquiry was previously known as the Essex Mental Health Inquiry. The final Terms of Reference were confirmed on 10 April 2024.

Further information about the Lampard Inquiry is available on the Lampard Inquiry website.

Support for patients and families

Patient safety is our absolute priority and we welcome the Inquiry as an opportunity to learn lessons to ensure the best and safest care possible for our patients.

Any patients or their families who would like support related to the Inquiry, or wish to contact EPUT with feedback about the care they, or a loved one, has received is asked to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on or 0800 0857935.

We understand some patients and families may prefer not to receive support related to giving evidence to the Inquiry from EPUT. Where this is the case, please contact PALS in the first instance so that arrangements can be made with you.

A list of other organisations that can offer support can also be found on The Lampard Inquiry website.

If you are a current patient receiving care from EPUT and would prefer to transfer your care to an alternative provider, you should discuss this with your care team or EPUT’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

If you are not a current patient but are in need of routine mental health care, you have the legal right to choose which service provider and clinical team you are referred to for your first appointment. You can find out more by reading the Choice in Mental Health Care leaflet produced by NHS England.

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