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Are you ready to return to your AHP career?

  • Have you previously been registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC)?
  • Have you been out of practice for more than two years?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to update your skills and knowledge and return to the register?
  • Are you unsure what to do next? 

Our team are ready to help and advise you anyone who is thinking about returning to practice. We have a number of AHP roles in dfferent locations across Essex.

We can help with:

  • Mentorship & support through regular supervision and yearly appraisal;
  • Professional training; 
  • Further career development opportunities;
  • Flexible working.
HCPC skill update requirements

To become HCPC registered, you will be required to complete a minimum number of hours to update your clinical skills and knowledge.

Please note, if you have any fitness/condition to practice issues cited against you by the HCPC you would not be eligible to return to practice.

Time out of practice /

Time unregistered

Minimum time required to update skills & knowledge

*at least 50% of the hours need to be in practice

Up to 2 years

No requirement needed

2 to 5 years

30 days (210 hours)

Over 5 years

60 days (420 hours)

Financial support 

As part of the return to practice support you may be able to claim up to £800 from Health Education England (£500 for the clinical experience and £300 towards courses and other learning opportunities)

How to apply

Apply for an advertised AHP role. If successful, complete the number of hours required to regain registration in as a Band 4 returnee. Once HCPC registration is confirmed, return to the original pay grade advertised.

You will be invited along to an informal interview to assess your suitability. If agreed, a placement will be identified and once completed successfully, you can apply for HCPC registration.


“The day I wore my Qualified Physiotherapist uniform after 10 years of career break, was the proudest moment in my career. I feel fortunate to have an encouraging and supportive team at EPUT. Positive and flexible work environment helps me to maintain my work life balance. I really enjoy being back at work and doing what I love.”

Anupama Singh

Rochford Hospital



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