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"Your health and wellbeing are very important"

To mark Movember and International Men’s Day and to raise awareness of men's mental and physical health, some of our male colleagues have shared how they look after their wellbeing and look out for others.

Zisan Abedin is one of our employee experience managers, who helps support colleagues with their health and wellbeing so they can do their best at work.


How do you look after your physical and mental wellbeing?

My personal values relate to EPUT's core values and I enjoy helping colleagues improve their lives. I always go the extra mile to make a difference and help to solve problems.

My physical and mental wellbeing is very important to me.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as taking part in fun activities with my wife and child.


In what ways do you look out for your male family members, friends and colleagues?

I am a semi-professional cricket player so I try to encourage my colleagues to be involved in physical activities. I inspire them to practice mindfulness and utilise their work time productively. I motivate all those around me to have a good work-life balance as this is incredibly important.


How would you spot the signs that someone might not be ok?

I will notice when someone is overstretched, not mindful when working or talking, making mistakes at work or forgetting things. I’ll also notice within myself when I’m not quite behaving like my usual self, or if I’m trying to avoid people. I try to help my friends, family or colleagues when I notice those differences.


How would you encourage your male family members, friends and colleagues to look after themselves?

If someone is under stress, I would encourage them to take some time off for themselves and do what makes them feel good. Practice mindfulness and utilise quiet times to reflect on them.

I would advise them to take a step back and relax their mind and body as the world will still exist if they stop for a while for themselves.

Your health and wellbeing are very important as you cannot be happy and make a positive impact on society if you are not well yourself.


Tell us an interesting fact about you

I volunteer a lot of time to help people with different things. It is my passion and I have a social media platform where I help pupils through career counselling and motivational talks.

I provide tips around developing a CV, writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, understanding strengths and weaknesses to create personal development plans and I help people find an appropriate job.

I also volunteer as an advisor and fundraiser for a charitable autism school in Bangladesh.

I am also an England and Welsh Cricket Board-qualified level 2 coach and I contribute to developing young talents for clubs.

I also volunteer for sports charities to help youngsters live a healthy life and find future sports careers.

I am always passionate about improving lives and contributing to society.

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