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Eating Disorders Service: Colchester


This service is an Essex-wide service delivered from two main bases; one in Colchester and one in Pitsea.

Service Information

The Eating Disorders Service is a specialist service designed to assess and treat moderate to severe eating disorders. We primarily help people who are suffering with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa and variations of these eating disorders.

We know that early intervention in eating disorders can make a real difference. We are able to offer “FREED” (First Response Early intervention in Eating Disorders) in West Essex only at the moment.  The FREED pathway ensured those under 26, with a first presentation of an eating disorder that has been present for less than 3 years will be contacted within 48 hours of referral, assessed within 2 weeks and will have started treatment within 4 weeks.

Please visit FREED for more information.

FREED patient service charter

The FREED patient service charter has been developed in partnership with patients and clinical staff. The FREED patient service charter provides a common language reflecting both the clinician and patient view of ‘what good looks like’ when receiving support from the FREED service and states the priority outcomes the service needs to achieve. The wording of the FREED patient service charter provides a benchmark for inclusion in future FREED service monitoring and evaluations.

The Eating Disorder team provide the following:

  • intensive day treatment services
  • specialist assessment
  • evidence based psychological therapies such as MANTRA, CBT-e, SSCM.
  • therapy groups (such as ongoing bulimia group)

The Eating Disorders service consists of:

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Administrative support

Eating Disorders Intensive Community Treatment

The team offers a range of therapies including: weight and diet monitoring, specialist supportive clinical management, family therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, Maudsley Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults (MANTRA).

EDICT offers a comprehensive range of therapies up to five days a week for those in need of a more intensive treatment package.

Referral Information

Please ask for a referral from one of the following:

  • GP
  • Health Professional

We are unable to accept self referrals to this service at the moment.

In the first instance you will need to book an appointment with your General Practitioner (GP) to discuss your concerns.  Depending on your needs your GP may refer you to the First Response Team, in order for a diagnosis to be made.  If appropriate you may then be referred to the Eating Disorders Service.  The referrer would usually provide us with information about you, including your body mass index (weight in kg/height in metres), history of eating problems, current eating behaviour and type of eating disorder.  We do not accept direct referrals from members of the public.

You will be allocated a care coordinator within your local community mental health team to oversee your care and ensure your treatment needs are met.

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