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Delivering Equality

We champion equality, diversity, and inclusion by encouraging a culture where everyone's voice is heard and valued. We embrace the differences of our patients and staff, work to provide fair opportunities for all and actively promote an environment where diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and a stronger community.

Following a process of consultation with key stakeholders from August 2022, we developed three Equality Objectives (2022 - 2025) as follows:-

  • Equality Objective 1: “Everyone should take an active role to reduce inequalities.”
  • Equality Objective 2: “Respecting one another to build an open and equitable culture that celebrates diversity.”
  • Equality Objective 3: “We want everyone to have a voice.”

Our commitment to equality and inclusion is evident in our collaboration. Working hand-in-hand with our staff equality networks and stakeholders from marginalised groups, we have developed programs that cater to the diverse needs of our workforce. Our engagement with patients and carers has been instrumental in shaping policies that recognise and respect the unique experiences of every individual as well as challenging discrimination and mitigating bias.

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