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Frequently asked questions

Simply visit our online volunteer platform where you can register, and you can start browsing straight away in our open opportunities. Following your registration on the platform, the Patient Experience and Volunteering Team will be in touch with you shortly.

Please contact our specialised Covid vaccine Team on:

Volunteering in an operational or clinical area will only be open to people aged 18 or over unless prior special arrangements have been made and the appropriate risk assessments carried out (for example with work experience schemes).

Most roles will involve an informal chat so you can find out more about EPUT and what the opportunity involves. The recruitment process depends on the nature of the volunteering opportunity chosen.

We require one reference for every volunteer role.

Yes. You can ask for a reference upon leaving, or sooner if you need one for a job or college application.

As a volunteer you can expect a clear idea of what your role will be, what appropriate training and support will be provided. If you are not clear about anything, or feel in any way uncomfortable about what you have been asked to do, do not be afraid to contact the Patient Experience and Volunteering Team on

It is up to you how much time you would like to give. Some volunteering may require several hours a week, some only a few hours each month.

You can commit for as long as you wish.  As a volunteer you are free to leave whenever you like. If things do not work out or your circumstances were to change it’s good to talk it through with the service manager and give them some notice if possible, and also inform the Patient Experience and Volunteering Team on

It will depend on the role you will choose to apply. Some of the roles requires specific skills and experience.

You will be reimbursed any expenses that are necessary for you to take part in the project e.g., travelling to and from the project site.  All expenses must be agreed in advance with the service manager and appropriate documentation submitted to support the claim.

The Patient Experience and Volunteering Team do not organise work experience. You can email us to if you are looking for work experience, and we will forward your details to our workforce team.

Once you have registered on our online volunteering platform, you'll receive an automatic welcome email with details about the next steps.

Volunteering form home is an increasingly popular way of volunteering and you can search ‘Volunteer from home’ or `Remote` in the opportunities on our online volunteer platform,

Yes of course you can, EPUT have disabled volunteers in all kinds of roles. If you have particular concerns, or are unable to find an opportunity, contact the Patient Experience and Volunteering Team on, who will be very happy to help you.

If you are in receipt of benefits or a pension you should seek advice as to whether acceptance of the offer of payment will affect your benefit entitlements or pension. It is your responsibility to discuss and clarify this potential impact with your benefits or pension advisors and declare any payment and expenses received as necessary.

Reimbursement of your expenses should not affect your benefit entitlement (although this cannot be guaranteed) and we can provide you with written confirmation of your involvement as evidence, upon request.

The reimbursement of mileage – paid at 45p per mile (5p extra per mile per passenger who is a volunteer and taking part in the same activity).

You must be legally entitled to work in the UK to apply to be a volunteer. If you are in the UK on a visa, please check with the UK Border Agency that you are not in breach of your visa’s terms and conditions.

Yes of course you can. We want all our volunteers to have a worthwhile and positive experience so we welcome feedback on how we could make improvements. We encourage volunteers to talk to us before making the decision to leave.

A DBS check is a Disclosure and Barring Service check and looks at whether you have a criminal record. DBS checks are free for volunteers.

Not all volunteer roles need a DBS check. If your role means you need one, we will discuss it with you.

If you would like to volunteer and you have a criminal record we ask to please inform us, so we will make a case–by–case decision about whether or not you can volunteer in the role.

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