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EPUT’s NHS 111 Mental Health Crisis Response Service handles more than 55,000 calls in a single year

Today, on Helplines Awareness Day, EPUT (Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust) is reminding everyone about its dedicated phone line for people experiencing mental health crisis, and its contact centre, which provides 24/7 support.

The NHS 111 Mental Health Crisis Response Service provides a single point of contact for people facing a mental health crisis in Essex, with access to care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

During 2023, the 111 Mental Health Crisis Response Service across Essex received 55,794 calls. Calls to this line are managed by EPUT’s contact centre, which in addition, helps with patient queries, supports clinicians and other professionals, and handles calls from external services such as the police and ambulance service. In 2023, the contact centre handled more than 250,000 calls.

The NHS 111 Mental Health Crisis Response Service provides immediate access to mental health crisis care and support, in the same way that the public is able to access urgent physical health care.

The service has prevented thousands of people from needing to attend emergency departments, which can cause added distress when in crisis, and individuals can often be treated in their own home.

Anyone, including the person in crisis, can refer to the team for support by dialling 111 and choosing the option for mental health. There is also a dedicated phone line for ambulance, police, GP's and other professionals to refer people.

The call will be transferred to a skilled mental health clinician who will be able to triage the person in crisis and offer support over the phone, as well as signpost and refer on to appropriate services for longer-term support.

Where a more comprehensive assessment is required, the team offers face-to-face contact.

Emma Trueman, Team Lead for EPUT’s contact centre and the NHS 111 mental health crisis line said: “I am so proud of the vital support that we provide to those in need. Helping people in times of crisis can be challenging but highly rewarding, and I feel privileged to be able to help people receive the care they need, when they need it.”

If you think you might be a great fit for the team, find out how you could join them on our website.

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