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Government’s UK Emergency Alerts Service test

The UK Emergency Alerts service aims to warn members of the public if there is a danger nearby and give advice about how to stay safe.

Alerts may be sent by emergency services, government departments and public bodies that deal with emergencies such as severe flooding, fire and public health emergencies. If you receive an alert that is not a test, you should stop what you are doing and follow the instructions on screen.

You can find out more about the new emergency alert system at

If you have a secret phone you use to stay safe from an unhealthy relationship, find out how to turn the alerts off. ​​​

On Sunday 23 April 2023 at 3pm, there will be a national test of the UK Emergency Alerts service. If you are in the test area, you may receive an alert on your personal or work mobile phone or tablet. Your phone may make a loud siren-like noise and an alert will appear on the screen. The alert message will explain it is a test. You do not have to take any action. 

The alert will say:

This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there’s a life-threatening emergency nearby.

In an actual emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe.

Visit for more information.

This is a test. You do not need to take any action.

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