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Patients on dementia ward enjoy a week of celebrations

Staff and patients on an inpatient ward at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) enjoyed a week full of celebrations last week to mark Dementia Awareness week.

Throughout Dementia Awareness Week 2024, which took place between May 13 and 19, staff helped the patients who stay at Meadowview ward in Thurrock Hospital enjoy a week of arts and crafts, baking, party food and a pamper day.

The patients were able to create forget me not flowers during an artwork class which was placed on the Meadowview Tree of Hope as well as forget me not badges.

They also made wild bird feeders out of mixed seeds and lard which the patients proudly placed in the ward’s garden area where patients and their families can watch the birds have a feast. The feeders were also put in the reception area for people to take home for donations for Dementia UK and the Alzheimer’s Society charities.

Freshly baked fruit scones were made by the baking group which was served in the afternoon to all patients and the patients were able to take part in a pamper afternoon.

Meadowview Ward activities coordinator, Tracy Hart, said: “It was a wonderful week and the patients had a lovely time. They really enjoyed taking part in the crafts and the pamper sessions which were also open to our male patients to enjoy as well.

“On the last day we had a lovely ward party where we had a buffet and music. The patients really enjoyed themselves it was really heart-warming to see and take part in.

“Dementia Awareness Week is a fantastic opportunity for us to have fun with our patients and get them involved in fun-filled activities. It was a really good week.”

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