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Staff praised for helping an elderly man involved in bike accident

Four of our staff members have been praised for coming to the aid of an elderly man who had a horrific cycling accident.

Michael Street, 85, from Benfleet, was going home following a 30-mile bike ride when he crashed outside Thundersley Clinic in Kenneth Road last month.

He suffered broken ribs and needed surgery for an elbow injury and stitches for cuts on his fingers and face.

Tracy Burman, team leader and senior healthcare assistant Tara Taylor, from the Thundersley District Nursing Team, were driving back to the clinic when they found Michael badly injured in the road.

They alerted colleagues Kelly Young, a senior healthcare assistant, and community nurse Rebecca McKean, and the team gave Michael first aid until paramedics arrived.

His nephew, Lee Street, said: “I was really impressed by the quality of care, friendliness and dedication of the staff who came to my uncle’s aid.

“We were really grateful to each of them who stayed with my uncle and helped him. It made a difficult situation all the easier.”

Michael returned to the clinic with boxes of chocolates and thank you cards after recuperating from surgery.

Michael, who has been bike racing for most of his life and has been a member of the Southend Wheelers cycling club since 1954, said: “I was on my way home from a bike ride when I came off my bike and it was lucky that Tracy and Tara saw me lying in the road.

“I am really grateful to Tracy, Tara, Kelly and Rebecca who looked after me and stayed with me until my nephew arrived.

“I wanted to show my gratitude to the people who helped me so when I was better, I went to the clinic with some chocolates and cards. It was good to see them again and say thank you.”

Michael has made a full recovery and visited the clinic on Friday 5 November while out and about on his first bike ride since his accident.

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