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Inpatient detox service


The aim of our detox programme is to help people overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs

The service is based on a mental health inpatient ward at The Crystal Centre in Chelmsford and enables adults living with addiction to detox with the treatment and support of specialist doctors, nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists.

Service Information

Patients will be supported throughout the detox process and have the opportunity to take part in occupational therapy, psychological therapy and art therapy. Alcoholics Anonymous support groups also visit patients regularly.

The following video gives an overview of the service and Catherine, a former patient’s experience.

Referral Information

For patients

Anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction can get a referral from their GP and alcohol support services if they live in the East of England.

Once discharged, patients will be referred to the community based drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for further support to continue their recovery and reducing the likelihood of a relapse.

For health professionals

Alcohol referral criteria

  • Reduced the amount of alcohol they drink or changed to a lower strength alcohol.
  • Given reasons why they cannot reduce or further reduce the amount of alcohol.
  • Evidence of dependence (CIWA-ar) and breathalysed.
  • Attended with Prep for Change, 1:1 or groups within the last 4 weeks of the application.
  • Reason for any relapses after detoxes.

Drug referral criteria

  • Evidence client had reduced their illegal drug use.
  • Stable using drug substitute medication, reducing this if possible. Those reducing would expect to be illicit drug free.
  • Dates of drugs screens taken within the past 12 weeks, evidencing some clean drug screens.
  • Receiving psychosocial treatment other than their OST clinic attendance.

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