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Training, education and career development

At EPUT we like to ‘grow our own’ and help everyone reach their full potential.

Mental health care is a constantly changing and challenging environment, and our patients expect us to have up-to-date knowledge, understanding and skills. Developing new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking will improve service quality and treatment outcomes, and reduce risk.

EPUT offers its staff a wide range of education and career development events and programmes, including formal (courses, workshops) and informal (on-the-job training, mentoring, and coaching training). We aim to create opportunities for our people to develop their skills and knowledge through experience that includes working in different roles, taking on new challenges, and working with different people.

At EPUT, we are committed to helping its staff develop their skills and knowledge in order to continue to provide high-quality care to patients.

Some of the benefits of education and career development in the NHS:

When you can learn and grow in your career, you are more likely to be satisfied with your job. This can lead to increased productivity and a better work-life balance.

As you develop your skills and knowledge, you will become more valuable to your employer. This can lead to increased pay and opportunities for advancement.

A strong education and career development record can make you more competitive when applying for jobs. This can help you to progress in your career and achieve your goals.

Education and career development can also help you to develop personally. You may learn new skills, meet new people, and better understand yourself and the world around you.

We offer continuing professional development courses and promote career development working in a close affiliation with local universities. 

We have many courses to help individual’s knowledge improve in each area and possibly help those specialise if particularly interested like AP training, top up degree, DN specialist training, Advance Non-Medical Prescribing, Assessment Skills for Community Practitioners and Minor Illness: Assessment and Management to name a few.

Our team leader positions are offered number of management development programmes to help them develop their leadership skills. 

EPUT Leadership Programmes

Many options to support your career

The MDP has been developed for all line managers ranging from Bands 4 to Associate Director Level in all services within the organisation and is mandatory for all new managers.

The Leadership Development Pathway is a leadership programme designed for individuals who do not line manage colleagues. The programme is open to clinical and non-clinical employees of EPUT.

Support participants in building their emotional intelligence to have personal impact in challenging environments and to navigate structural barriers and remove psychological restrictions hindering career progression. Lear more about the programme and how to apply at

The Ward Manager Programme is a new leadership programme within EPUT for Ward Managers only. The programme explores effective & compassionate leadership and other topics related to the Ward Manager role. Five modules are part of the programme combined with in-house facilitators delivering their specialist subjects.

Designed for those who do not line manage other colleagues. The programme is open to clinical and nonclinical staff via three virtual workshops. Ask more about it and how to apply at

Wider NHS opportunities

The programme has been designed for colleagues who are new to health and care or an aspiring leader at the start your leadership journey.

Read more about it and how to apply here.

Designed for those who do not line manage other colleagues. The programme is open to clinical and nonclinical staff via three virtual workshops. Ask more about it and how to apply at

Aimed at first-time leaders in healthcare. Staff must attend three workshops; a large majority of the course is completed via online learning. Learn more about the programme here and how to apply at

The MDP is mandatory for all new managers joining the trust; managers will be identified upon trust corporate induction by the organisational development team​.

Learn from innovative, world-class healthcare experts and use ground-breaking learning technologies to prepare for the challenges of senior leadership. Lear more about the programme and how to apply here. 

Your development and performance will be prioritised and we will do everything we can to support your goals.

Bessie's Story

Use the opportunity to learn and grow

In 2016 I started as a Band 3, before progressing onto a Band 4 Associate Practitioner through the training programme. I was then able to apply and undertake my Nursing Degree Apprenticeship through EPUT and I am now 4 months from completion.

Throughout my Nursing Degree Apprentice (BSc Adult Nursing) I have been supported by all staff who have actively encouraged me with my training and education. 

Bessie Hardy, Band 4 Nurse-in-training

Rosina's Story

Adapt and Improve

I was able to attend the trust Management Development Programme and more recently the Community Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing) where I developed a passion to continue my career pathway by facilitating an analytical approach, within the community sector. In 2022, I took the courage and applied for the band 7 Senior Nurse Lead role and was successful for Canvey base.

Rosina Worf, Senior Community Nurse Lead- District Nurse Specialist- Canvey Primary Care

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