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Journey through children's Speech and Language Therapy


Children’s Speech and Language Therapy is a community-based service currently providing a service children and young people aged up to 18 years who live within and are registered with a GP in South East Essex (Mid and South Essex ICB areas).

Service Information

We aim to provide an evidence-based, friendly and approachable service that anticipates and responds to the needs of children that have or are at risk of having speech, language, communication and/or feeding/swallowing difficulties. Therefore we look at the current or future impact of communication/feeding problems before we consider whether to accept a referral and the timing and type of any treatment that may be needed.

Our team works in partnership with parents/carers, other health and education professionals to support and empower them to ensure children seen achieve their maximum quality of life and potential.  We work hard to take into account differing strengths and difficulties and look to find innovative ways to encourage the families to become active participants in their child’s assessment and treatment.

Children and young people can have communication and/or feeding and swallowing difficulties for many different reasons including developmental speech language delay, speech and language disorder, Autistic Spectrum disorder, global developmental delay, complex physical and/or sensory needs, hearing impairment, stammering or, on occasions, for no known reason.

When we accept a referral we will provide a triage/assessment appointment to reach a diagnosis and then plan with you the most appropriate treatment approach (if necessary).

As all children are different we work with you to individualise what would be the best treatment approach for your child. This may include any of the following;

  • Individual therapy in clinic with a Speech and Language Therapist, or Speech and Language Therapy Assistant to work on specific skills or techniques and show you how to use these at home with your child
  • Demonstration and advice as to how the environment at home/school/nursery can be changed to support your child to reach their communication potential
  • A written programme of advice and work to be shared with home, school, pre school or other members of the team supporting the child or young person
  • Input and targets into a multi agency approaches such as Team Around the Child or One Planning Meetings

Referral Information

Currently we do not accept self referrals from parents/carers or a child/young person themselves.

 Pre-School Aged Children

Pre-school aged children must be referred by a healthcare professional (HCP) e.g. GP/Consultant or Health Visiting Team:

  • Via a SLT Referral Form for Pre-school Aged Children.
  • A written referral letter from the GP/Consultant will be accepted in place of the referral form, as long as enough information is provided.
  • GPs can forward a SystmOne electronic referral to 'EPUT SEE Paediatric S&LT'.

School Aged Children

School aged children, including 4 year olds in reception year, must be referred by their school:

Parents should contact their school to discuss their concerns and arrange a SLT referral if they have concerns about their school aged child.

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