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Poplar Adolescent Unit


Poplar Adolescent Unit is an inpatient service providing specialist mental health services and a safe place of treatment for young people aged 13-18. This Poplar webpages have been co-created with young people on the ward.

Service Information

We have

  • 14 bedrooms with en-suite showers and toilets
  • A bathroom (if you prefer to have a bath!)
  • A main lounge area with a TV, DVD player and gaming console
  • A smaller lounge area with a TV, books and board games
  • A communal dining room, with small kitchen area for the young people to use
  • Main kitchen – supervised by staff
  • A Sensory room called ‘The Snug’ with sensory equipment such as lighting and bubble tube
  • A relaxation room called ‘The chill out room’ – a cosy low light room with beanbags
  • Visiting room
  • Therapy and Meeting rooms
  • Staff Offices
  • Outside garden with sport area and vegetable garden


Dining room

Lounge area

Sensory room, 'The Snug'

 Fidget corner


Family Ambassadors

Our Family Ambassadors are non-clinical professionals with lived experience of mental health services, who can work with you and the staff to support you in understanding your young person’s care.

Support is provided via phone calls or virtually through Microsoft Teams dependent on your requirements and convenience.

As a parent or carer, you have an expert perspective on the care needs of your child or young person. The ambassadors will ensure your voice is heard and that you are able to contribute to your child or young person’s care.

The family ambassador will continue work with parents and carers for up to four weeks after your child has been discharged.

For support and advice you can contact Susan Armstrong.

Telephone: 0778 4920 695

Patient Experience

We would like to hear about your experience on the ward.  We use iWantGreatCare, a health reviews website, to collect feedback on what patients think, monitor it and action where possible.

Go online to or, if you'd prefer, ask the ward staff for a paper form to complete. It is very important that we hear from you about what has happened during your time with us as this will help us to improve things for other young people in similar circumstances, thank you.

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