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The Lighthouse keeping you informed

EPUT took over the management of children's services at The Lighthouse Child Development Centre in Southend from Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust in March 2022.

We host the services at The Lighthouse on behalf of the Mid and South Essex Community Collaborative, a partnership between a number of NHS organisations who work together and provide services in the community for children and young people.

Parents and carers of children who use services provided by the Lighthouse Child Development Centre in Southend are being asked to share their views at a new Parent and Carer User Network to help improve and shape services.

If you would like to take part, please register your interest using this form.

The first network meeting will take place virtually in early October. If you have any queries about the event, or need any support to attend, please email

We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of calls to the Lighthouse, averaging 300 calls a day. Our current staffing levels mean we cannot answer general queries as quickly as we would aim to. We understand that any delays are frustrating. We have recruited additional staff, who will join us by September, so we can respond more quickly.    

At the moment, we are prioritising medication reviews. If your request for medication is urgent, please email for a repeat prescription. You can also call the Lighthouse to request this. We recommend that you submit a prescription request within two weeks of it running out.

If your call is about appointments or waiting times, we will respond to you within 15 working days, or three weeks. We aim to reduce our response time by September, when we will have more administrative staff in our team.  

You may have recently had correspondence from your former paediatrician advising you that the care of your child is being transferred to EPUT’s paediatric team. If you have any concerns with the letter you received we want to assure you that your child will continue to be seen at the Lighthouse with our current paediatric doctors. If you have an outstanding appointment with the former paediatric team we ask you to send an email to and we will respond to you within 15 working days or three weeks.

We have been working with local partners, including commissioners, councils, schools, GPs, parent carer forums, and families to improve services at The Lighthouse, which includes:

  • A new nurse-led ADHD service, which provides Qb test screening. This is a computer-based screening which gives a good initial indication of whether a child has ADHD. The clinic also provides further diagnostic assessments for children with suspected ADHD, and treatment
  • More doctors working with us
  • Recruiting additional administrative staff to answer phones more quickly, and to support with referrals and booking appointments
  • Services are also looking at how they can introduce improved ways of working

We hope these changes will give families a better experience with The Lighthouse and will begin to reduce waiting times which is a priority for our services. 

We are using a new website for families to provide feedback. Please share your views through the I Want Great Care website using this link, or by visiting and searching the service code 5082.

We also work with local parent carer forums who you can provide feedback to:


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