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Mobile Phone Access

You can bring a mobile phone onto the ward. The use of these phones is subject to a contract being signed in relation to their safe and proper use, as detailed below.

  • Phone are only used in designated agreed areas, unless individually agreed otherwise by staff team and documented.

  • Mobile phone use must be appropriate, and not in a way which could cause harm to the young person or other young people and not in a way that violates the privacy, causes harm or disturbs another person, patient or staff member on the ward.

  • The misuse of mobile phones by an individual will lead to the phone being taken away from you for 1 day. Persistent misuse will result in your mobile phone being permanently taken away. You will then need to use the ward phone to contact with friends and family. This will be under supervision to maintain safety.

  • If you don’t return the mobile phone to the staff team, this could result in the person who owns and pays for the handset being asked to give permission for the device to be checked, although this will be carried out sensitively by the staff team.
  • Mobile phones will not be used during mealtimes to promote social inclusion and social skills.

  • The recording and camera facility on the device will not be used whilst on the unit.

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