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Information for young people

When you stay with us the aim is not for you to be completely better when you get discharged, but to be safe and well enough to continue your treatment, and recovery journey, in the community. There are many negatives to staying in hospital (like missing home and school, and witnessing other people struggling) so we aim to keep your stay with us as short as possible.


On our CAMHS wards we have rules and expectations so we are all treated fairly and with respect. 

We will always aim to meet your individual spiritual and cultural needs. We will discuss these at some point during the admission process, however, please ensure that you make us aware of any needs or requirements that you may have, including reading material, and prayer room facility.

Our unit aims to respect all aspects of cultural, ethnic and gender diversity. We will discuss your personal preferences at some point during the admission process, but we encourage you to raise any thoughts, concerns, or requests that you may have to ensure your individual needs are met.

The team would expect that you engage with the programme and support offered.

You should be respectful towards staff and peers on the unit. Y

ou are expected to adhere to all boundaries and agreed behaviours whilst on the unit.

We also ask that you should be mindful of others in language and behaviour.

Adhere to your agreed personal treatment programme. In an emergency, you will follow staff instructions to maintain their own safety and the safety of others.

Young people should expect that staff should always be respectful in their behaviour and language. Staff should show a compassionate and caring attitude towards you and their individual needs. Staff on duty act in accordance with EPUT policy and procedure and are aware of their professional role.

Staff will always remain respectful.

Staff will liaise with others involved in your care where appropriate and adhere to all confidentiality and sharing of information policies.

Staff will always safeguard you and be aware of Trust safeguarding policy and procedures.

Visitors will adhere to the guidance provided on contraband items brought into the unit and shared with you.

Families/carers will share important information with the team which may affect the management and treatment of young people.

Visitors adhere to the unit guidelines regarding visiting, to support the operational activities of the unit.

Families/carers will support you to adhere to the programme throughout your admission and support the treatment/ behaviour management approach that the team advise for you.

Families/carers should expect a good level of communication regarding their young person and should feel involved in their young person’s care where appropriate.

Families/carers should feel able to approach the team for further advice, information about their young person.

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