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What can I bring with me?

It is important that you feel comfortable during your stay on the unit, however the unit is within a hospital site, and therefore we are required to uphold standards of health and safety and hygiene. Therefore, we would ask that you bring in a small amount of clothing (4-5 days’ worth). There are laundry facilities in the unit which you will have access to.

This list is not exhaustive but is a guideline for you and your family. The Nurse in Charge or security nurse on duty will be able to answer your questions about property you'd like to bring into the ward.

Items which may be restricted on an individual basis

  • Clothing with drawstring i.e. hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, pyjama bottoms
  • Make up with plastic or breakable cases
  • nightwear
  • seasonal appropriate clothing (please include gym clothes for physical activities in the group programme)
  • two pairs of shoes (please include trainers for physical activities in the group programme)
  • a small soft toy (if desired)
  • books to read, journal book to write in, pens, puzzles/colouring books.
  • MP3 player/iPod/mobile phone
  • small amount of money
  • illicit drugs/alcohol
  • knives, razor blades, scissors, glass containers
  • aerosols
  • hair dye
  • age inappropriate media (DVDs, Magazines)
  • lighters
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