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Resources available for you to use on the ward

Please speak to Nursing Staff as some items may be restricted.

  • Relaxation: chill out room with music, beanbags, weighted blanket.
  • Keeping your fingers busy: tangle teasers, stress-balls, playdough, sand animals
  • Staying in the moment: oils, MP3 players with mindfulness / relaxation exercises, handouts from groups with ideas.
  • Distraction: DVD films library in the nursing office, books, puzzles, board games, arts, and crafts.
  • Problem solving / solution focussed: handouts from Emotions Group, whiteboard in bedrooms.
  • Social support: one to one with a member of staff, mobile phone to phone a relative or friend.
  • Exercise: yoga mats, weights, stepper, hoops, exercise balls.
  • Spiritual / religious resources: Bible, Quran, Multi-faith room.
  • Outdoors: Gardening, sensory garden, going for a minibus trip.
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