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Freedom of information 2023

Number Date Description  
EPUT.FOI.22.2756 03.01.2023 Policies regarding Self-harm or Suicide Patterns in Inpatient Areas
EPUT.FOI.22.2778 03.01.2023 Oxygen Concentrator Devices
EPUT.FOI.23.2779 04.01.2023 Operating Theatres
EPUT.FOI.23.2781 04.01.2023 Chrons’ and Colitis
EPUT.FOI.23.2782 05.01.2023 Off-Framework Agencies
EPUT.FOI.23.2783 05.01.2023 IAPT Services
EPUT.FOI.23.2785 06.01.2023 Public Facing Trust Website
EPUT.FOI.23.2786 07.01.2023 Amount of People Reportably Spiked  



Bariatric equipment and expenditure

EPUT.FOI.23.2788 10.01.2023 Inappropriate Out of Area Placements (OAP’s)  
EPUT.FOI.23.2790 10.01.2023 Contract and Contact Details  
EPUT.FOI.23.2791 11.01.2023 Eating Disorder Treatment  
EPUT.FOI.23.2792 11.01.2023 International Recruitment  



Number of patient deaths with learning disabilities for 22.03.21-12.01.23

EPUT.FOI.23.2794 12.01.2023 Waiting Lists  
EPUT.FOI.23.2795 13.01.2023 Recorded Sexual Abuse Incidents  
EPUT.FOI.23.2798 16.01.2023 Cyber Security  
EPUT.FOI.23.2799 16.01.2023 Postage Costs  




EPUT.FOI.23.2801 16.01.2023 Data on Enteral Feeding Devices  
EPUT.FOI.23.2802 17.01.2023 Framework and Off-Framework Agency Usage and Spend  
EPUT.FOI.23.2803 17.01.2023 International Recruitment  
EPUT.FOI.23.2805 18.01.2023 Staff Absences  
EPUT.FOI.23.2806 18.01.2023 Flights  



Number of shifts of staff

EPUT.FOI.23.2808 20.01.2023 Medical Negligence  
EPUT.FOI.23.2809 23.01.2023 Recruitment Contact Details and Spenditure  
EPUT.FOI.23.2810 23.01.2023 Formulary  




Clinical ward managers on duty per shift

EPUT.FOI.23.2811 25.01.2023 Mental Health Helpline  
EPUT.FOI.23.2812 25.01.2023 Catering Services  
EPUT.FOI.23.2813 26.01.2023

Internet connectivity and expenditure

EPUT.FOI.23.2816 31.01.2023

Supplier and name of software used



EPUT.FOI.23.2817 Letter

31.01.2023 Essex Mental Health Inquiry  
EPUT.FOI.23.2818 31.01.2023 Sexual Misconduct  


EPUT.FOI.23.2823 001

31.01.2023 GP Referrals  


Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.1819 01.02.2023

Trust spending on framework and off framework recruitment agencies for 2021/23


EPUT.FOI.23.2814 document

02.02.2023 Zero Hours Contracts
EPUT.FOI.23.2820 03.02.2023

Total value of drugs disposed of past expiry date 2019-2022

EPUT.FOI.23.2821 03.02.2023

CAHMS Waiting Times

EPUT.FOI.23.2822 06.02.2023 Bed Management
EPUT.FOI.23.2824 08.02.2023 CAHMS Referrals
EPUT.FOI.23.2825 08.02.2023 Clinical Noting System Contract
EPUT.FOI.23.2827 09.02.2023 S2 Funding Applications and Treatment
EPUT.FOI.23.2828 09.02.2023 Preventing Veteran Suicide
EPUT.FOI.23.2815 10.02.2023

Cyber Insurance

EPUT.FOI.23.2829 10.02.2023 Software System Providers
EPUT.FOI.23.2830 10.02.2023 Patients Without a Fixed Abode Discharged from Hospital
EPUT.FOI.23.2831 10.02.2023 Contract system
EPUT.FOI.23.2832 10.02.2023 Serenity Integrated Model
EPUT.FOI.23.2833 13.02.2023 Eating Disorders Placed on the ‘Not Recovered’ Pathway
EPUT.FOI.23.2834 13.02.2023

DBS checks and the workforce


EPUT.FOI.23.2835 Digital Strategy

14.02.2023 Strategy for ITT and Procurement 2023
EPUT.FOI.23.2808 (001) 14.02.2023 Admissions Data
EPUT.FOI.23.2836 15.02.2023 Private Mental Health Services
EPUT.FOI.23.2837 15.02.2023 Department/ System Information
EPUT.FOI.23.2839 15.02.2023 Clinical Ward Mangers On Duty Per Shift
EPUT.FOI.23.2840 16.02.2023 Post Occupancy Evaluations
EPUT.FOI.23.2841 16.02.2023 Thrombosis
EPUT.FOI.23.2842 17.02.2023 First Aid Training, Life Support/ CPR Training, Defibrillator Training
EPUT.FOI.23.2843 17.02.2023 Rodent Pest Control
EPUT.FOI.23.2844 17.02.2023 DNR Policy
EPUT.FOI.23.2845 20.02.2023 Deaths within 3 Months of Contact with the Trust
EPUT.FOI.23.2846 20.02.2023 Meningitis and Encephalitis Guidelines/ Pathway
EPUT.FOI.23.2847 20.02.2023 Infrastructure Information
EPUT.FOI.23.2848 20.02.2023 Eating Disorder Inpatients – BMI at Discharge
EPUT.FOI.23.2849 20.02.2023

Mortality Data

EPUT.FOI.23.2838 21.02.2023

Finance Systems 

EPUT.FOI.23.2851 23.02.2023 Procurement of Pre-Printed Stationary Not Produced Within EPUT
EPUT.FOI.23.2852 23.02.2023 IT/ Mobile Connection Contract Information
EPUT.FOI.23.2854 24.02.2023 Bank Provider/ Software Information
EPUT.FOI.23.2855 24.02.2023 Electronic Patient Record System Providers
EPUT.FOI.23.2858 28.02.2023 Clinical Risk Assessment Policy
EPUT.FOI.23.2859 28.02.2023 Clinical Trial Activity
Number Date Description




Section 17 Leave Policy

MHAPG1 - Administration of the Mental Health Act 1983 Procedure (MHA pre March 22)
MHAPG1 - Appendix A - Abbreviations, Definitions and Glossary
MHAPG1 - Appendix B - Nearest Relative
MHAPG1 - Appendix C - FAQ
MHAPG1 - Appendix D - Right of Appeal
MHAPG1 - Appendix E - Summary of Treatment
MHAPG1 - Appendix F - Pathways of Detention
MHAPG1A - Administration of the Mental Health Act 1983 Procedure (MPA March-Sept)

EPUT.FOI.23.2853 03.03.2023 Patient Deaths That Occurred Among Young People
EPUT.FOI.23.2861 05.03.2023

Total number of staff in post

EPUT.FOI.23.2862 06.03.2023 Inpatient E-Prescribing System
EPUT.FOI.23.2863 06.03.2023

Thornbury Nursing Services

EPUT.FOI.23.2865 07.03.2023 The Number of Inpatients Currently Medically Fit To Leave Hospital



Electronic Patient Record System

EPUT.FOI.23.2866 09.03.2023 SAR Information
EPUT.FOI.23.2869 13.03.2023 Trust Spend on Agency Staff
EPUT.FOI.23.2870 13.03.2023 Out of Area Placement
EPUT.FOI.23.2872 14.03.2023 NHS Talking Therapies for Anxiety and Depression Programme
EPUT.FOI.23.2873 14.03.2023 CAHMS Deaths
EPUT.FOI.23.2875 16.03.2023 Payment of NHS Trust Suppliers
EPUT.FOI.23.2876 16.03.2023 3D Printing Technology
EPUT.FOI.23.2878 17.03.2023 Non-Emergency Patient Transport - NEPTS and Taxi Procurement
EPUT.FOI.23.2880 20.03.2023 Integrated Data Platform
EPUT.FOI.23.2881 20.03.2023 Sexual Misconduct
EPUT.FOI.23.2883 21.03.2023 Trolleys / Stretchers
EPUT.FOI.23.2884 21.03.2023 ERP / Finance Systems
EPUT.FOI.23.2885 21.03.2-23 IT/Digital Structure Chart/Agency Spend/EPR



Service and Maintenance Contract Information

EPUT.FOI.23.2888 22.03.2023 Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration



Chatbot Usage

EPUT.FOI.23.2890 23.03.2023 Digital Communication With Patients
EPUT.FOI.23.2891 23.03.2023 Off-Framework Agencies



Photocopier contracts

EPUT.FOI.23.2894 24.03.2023 Training for Medical Devices
EPUT.FOI.23.2895 27.03.2023

Services Available to Older Residents

EPUT.FOI.23.2896 27.03.2023 Framework Nursing Agency Spend



Discharge Letters/Diagnostic Reporting/Digital Dictation/Bed Management Systems



Rota Software for Medical Rostering



British Sign Language

EPUT.FOI.23.2901 29.03.2023 Nursing Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.2902 29.03.2023 Off-Framework Agency Spend



Bank/Agency Spend and Providers

Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.2906 02.04.2023 EDI Salaries
EPUT.FOI.23.2904 03.04.2023 Medical Devices
EPUT.FOI.23.2907 03.04.2023 Surface Wipes
EPUT.FOI.23.2872 04.04.2023

NHS Talking Therapies for Anxiety and Depression Programme

EPUT.FOI.23.2908 04.04.2023 Cyber Security
EPUT.FOI.23.2909 04.04.2023 Spend on Suppliers
EPUT.FOI.23.2910 04.04.2023

Healthcare Waste

EPUT.FOI.23.2911 04.04.2023

Email Archive



3D Printing Technology



Off-Framework Agencies



ITT Senior Leadership Team



Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, Outsourced Transcription, Video Consultations & Health Information Systems



Local Area Network Contract (LAN)

EPUT.FOI.23.2917 11.04.2023 Early Access to Medicine Schemes & Unlicensed Medicine
EPUT.FOI.23.2919 12.04.2023 Cyber Security
EPUT.FOI.23.2920 12.04.2023 Printing
EPUT.FOI.23.2921 12.04.2023 Publishing Data
EPUT.FOI.23.2922 13.04.2023 Participation in Clinical Trials



Inpatient E-Prescribing System

EPUT.FOI.23.2924 15.04.2023 Active Transport
EPUT.FOI.23.2925 16.04.2023 ADHD Screening and Assessment
EPUT.FOI.23.2926 16.04.2023 Complaint Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.2927 16.04.2023 ADHD Services
EPUT.FOI.23.2913 17.04.2023 Estates & Facilities Roles
EPUT.FOI.23.2928 17.04.2023 Use of Dogs in Trust



Integrated Data Platform

EPUT.FOI.23.2918 18.04.2023 Patient Deaths and The Public Enquiry



Off-Framework Nursing Usage

EPUT.FOI.23.2930 18.04.2023 Temporary Labour Usage



Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration



Framework Nursing Agency Spend



Nursing Agency Spend



Off-Framework Agency Spend

EPUT.FOI.23.2931 19.04.2023 Off Contract Suppliers and Temporary Staffing for Prison Sites, Head of Procurement and Head of Bank Office Contact Details
EPUT.FOI.23.2932 19.04.2023 Sexual Misconduct
EPUT.FOI.23.2933 19.04.2023 Trust Statistics on Spiking


EPUT.FOI.23.2934 - Attachement

19.04.2023 Patients Moved from C&E Centre to The Gables
EPUT.FOI.23.2935 20.04.2023 Temporary Labour Usage


EPUT.FOI.23.2936 - Attachement

20.04.2023 Procedures
EPUT.FOI.23.2937 20.04.2023 Nursing Shifts
EPUT.FOI.23.2938 20.04.2023 Bariatric Patients
EPUT.FOI.23.2939 21.04.2023 ICT Contracts



Sexual Assualt/ Rape



Medical Devices

EPUT.FOI.23.2943 25.04.2023 CAMHS Tier 4 Services
EPUT.FOI.23.2944 25.04.2023 Specialist Palliative Care Unites



ECT patient information leaflet
ECT Consent form


EPUT.FOI.23.2946 - Document

26.04.2023 Staff Payments Industrial Action
EPUT.FOI.23.2947 26.04.2023 Workforce Information
EPUT.FOI.23.2948 26.04.2023 Framework and Off-Framework Agency
EPUT.FOI.23.2949 27.04.2023 Virtual Wards
EPUT.FOI.23.2950 27.04.2023 Eating Disorder Services and ADRTs
EPUT.FOI.23.2951 27.04.2023 Nitrates


EPUT.FOI.23.2952 - Response

28.04.2023 Facilities Management
EPUT.FOI.23.2953 28.04.2023 Cost Improvement Programme 2023-2024
EPUT.FOI.23.2954 28.04.2023 ADHD Assessment and Treatment
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.2956 02.05.2023 Data on Infrastructure
EPUT.FOI.23.2957 02.05.2023 Parking Services Management Arrangements
EPUT.FOI.23.2942 04.05.2023 Complaints
EPUT.FOI.23.2959 04.05.2023 Guidance/ Training in Mental Health Care and Suicide Prevention
EPUT.FOI.23.2960 04.05.2023 CAMHS Tier 4
EPUT.FOI.23.2962 09.05.2023 Employees Undergoing Fertility Treatment
EPUT.FOI.23.2955 10.05.2023 Eating Disorder Waiting Times and Treatment


EPUT.FOI.23.2963 - Question

10.05.2023 Job Role and Specialty Information, Insourcing, and Outsourcing Details


EPUT.FOI.23.2964 - Response

11.05.2023 Organisation Structure Charts
EPUT.FOI.23.2965 11.05.2023 ASD and CAMHS Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.2966 11.05.2023 Contracts for : MFD/Photocopiers/Printers/Network/Cyber Security/Audio Visual/Infrastructure


EPUT.FOI.23.2968 - Question

11.05.2023 Job Role and Specialty Information, Insourcing, and Outsourcing Details
EPUT.FOI.23.2969 12.05.2023 ASD Diganosis and Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.2970 12.05.2023 Occupational Health Provider and Provision
EPUT.FOI.23.2971 15.05.2023 Sexual Assaults in Hospitals
EPUT.FOI.23.2972 16.05.2023 Job titles for Estates
EPUT.FOI.23.2973 16.05.2023 Trac Systems E-Recruitment Software System
EPUT.FOI.23.2974 17.05.2023 Shifts Trust has used Thornbury Nursing Services and contract agencies used for nursing
EPUT.FOI.23.2974 17.05.2023 CAHMS Tier 4
EPUT.FOI.23.2975 17.05.2023 NHS Charging of Overseas Visitors
EPUT.FOI.23.2925 (001) 18.05.2023 Childrens ADHD Services
EPUT.FOI.23.2977 18.05.2023 Neonatals Deaths 2013-2022
EPUT.FOI.23.2978 21.05.2023 Paper Notes
EPUT.FOI.23.2979 21.05.2023 Training/ CAHMS
EPUT.FOI.23.2980 22.05.2023 Microsoft
EPUT.FOI.23.2981 23.05.2023 PLICS
EPUT.FOI.23.2982 23.05.2023 Clinical Systems
EPUT.FOI.23.2985 25.05.2023 Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.2987 25.05.2023 Guaranteed Interview Scheme for the Armed Forces Community
EPUT.FOI.23.2988 26.05.2023 Subject Access Requests
EPUT.FOI.23.2989 26.05.2023 ADHD Waiting Times and Diagnosis
EPUT.FOI.23.2990 26.05.2023 Formularies and Committees
EPUT.FOI.23.2991 29.05.2023 Total Agency Spend and Hours Supply by Temporary Agency Staff for Financial Year April 2022 to 2023


EPUT.FOI.23.2994 - Medical staff list

29.05.2023 Consultant Contact Details
EPUT.FOI.23.2992 30.05.2023 Hospital Discharge
EPUT.FOI.23.2993 30.05.2023 Therapy Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.2958 31.05.2023 Community Trust Services
EPUT.FOI.23.2995 31.05.2023 Apprenticeship Levy
EPUT.FOI.23.2996 31.05.2023 Good Governance Institute
EPUT.FOI.23.2997 31.05.2023 Seclusion Policy
EPUT.FOI.23.2998 31.05.2023 EIP Waiting Times
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.2999 02.06.2023 Agency Staffing Framework and Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3000 02.06.2023 Sexual Safety Policy
EPUT.FOI.23.3002 05.06.2023 Smoking Cessation Brief Intervention OLM E-Learning
EPUT.FOI.23.3003 05.06.2023 Pride Month
EPUT.FOI.23.3004 05.06.2023 Annual Reports and Accounts
EPUT.FOI.23.3007 08.06.2023 Diagnostic Tests Available in the Trust’s Community Diagnostic Centres


EPUT Digital Strategy 2022-27

08.06.2023 IT Priorities and Devices
EPUT.FOI.23.3009 08.06.2023 Detention Under the Mental Health Act in a Hospital in the Trust
EPUT.FOI.23.3010 09.06.2023 Staffing Levels and Datix Reports
EPUT.FOI.23.3011 09.06.2023 Internal Inquiry/Mental Health Activity Deep Dive
EPUT.FOI.23.3014 11.06.2023 Tests Ordered by Clinicians
EPUT.FOI.23.2984 12.06.2023 Independent Royal College Reports
EPUT.FOI.23.3016 13.06.2023 Executive Director Investigations


EPUT.FOI.23.3015 - Documents

14.06.2023 Policy and Retention Period
EPUT.FOI.23.3018 14.06.2023 Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
EPUT.FOI.23.3019 14.06.2023 Care Hotels
EPUT.FOI.23.3020 15.06.2023 Inflationary Impact on PFI Contracts
EPUT.FOI.23.3021 16.06.2023 Cybersecurity Spend and Patient Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3022 16.06.2023 Nursing/ HCA Off-Framework Agencies
EPUT.FOI.23.2940 (001) 19.06.2023 Waiting Lists ADHD
EPUT.FOI.23.2976 (001) 19.06.2023 Enterprise Application
EPUT.FOI.23.3023 19.06.2023 Trust Spend on Agency Staff (On and Off-Framework)
EPUT.FOI.23.3024 19.06.2023 Temporary Agency Spend for 22/23
EPUT.FOI.23.3025 19.06.2023 IAPT Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3026 19.06.2023 ADHD & Military
EPUT.FOI.23.2986 20.06.2023 International Nurse Recruitment Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3027 20.06.2023 Integration Platform
EPUT.FOI.23.3028 21.06.2023 Inpatient Mental Health Beds
EPUT.FOI.23.3017 22.06.2023 Eating Disorders Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.3029 22.06.2023 Networking Equipment


EPUT.FOI.23.3031 Attachment

22.06.2023 Oxehealth/Oxevision and Use of Video Monitoring in Mental Health Wards
EPUT.FOI.23.3032 23.06.2023 Insourcing Utilisation
EPUT.FOI.23.3033 26.06.2023 EHIC Cards
EPUT.FOI.23.3005 27.06.2023 Master Vendor Contracts 
EPUT.FOI.23.3035 27.06.2023 Repair Requests


EPUT.FOI.23.3036 - Attachement

27.06.2023 Legal Aid and Mental Health
EPUT.FOI.23.3037 28.06.2023 Staff Contact Details


Question 2 document

29.06.2023 'Use of Force' Policies
EPUT.FOI.23.3040 30.06.2023 Oxehealth/Oxevision and Use of Video Monitoring in Mental Health Wards
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.3041 03.07.2023 Sexual Assaults
EPUT.FOI.23.3034 04.07.2023 Talking Therapies and Alcohol/ Drug Use
EPUT.FOI.23.3043 05.07.2023 International Recruitment
EPUT.FOI.23.3044 05.07.2023 Medical Locum Spend/ Direct Engagement Solution
EPUT.FOI.23.3045 06.07.2023 Learning and Physical Disability Placement
EPUT.FOI.23.3046 06.07.2023 Framework and Off-Framework Agency
EPUT.FOI.23.3047 06.07.2023 Staff Messaging Systems
EPUT.FOI.23.3048 07.07.2023 Telecom Networks
EPUT.FOI.23.3049 10.07.2023 Corporate Estate Managing Maintenance
EPUT.FOI.23.3050 10.07.2023 Complaints and Claims
EPUT.FOI.23.3010 (001) 10.07.2203 Shift Fill Rates
EPUT.FOI.23.3051 11.07.2023 Medical Locum Off-Framework Expenditure
EPUT.FOI.23.3053 11.07.2023 Unpaid Non-NHS Trade Invoices
EPUT.FOI.23.3054 12.07.2023 Perinatal Mental Health Data from 2010
EPUT.FOI.23.3056 18.07.2023 Staff Contact Details
EPUT.FOI.23.3057 19.07.2023 Spend On Framework and Off-Framework Recruitment Agencies
EPUT.FOI.23.3058 20.07.2023 Visitor Policy in Response to Covid-19
EPUT.FOI.23.3059 20.07.2023 Reported Sexual Assaults Incidents
EPUT.FOI.23.3061 24.07.2023 Cost/ Data/ Strike/ Doctors/ Consultants
EPUT.FOI.23.3060 26.07.2023 Death Seclusions Serious Incidents Staffing Levels


EPUT.FOI.23.3065 - Documents

26.07.2023 Number Discharged to ‘No Fixed Abode’ & Trust Policy
EPUT.FOI.23.3066 27.07.2023 Speech & Language Specialist Dysfluency Therapist
EPUT.FOI.23.3067 27.07.2023 Alzheimer’s Disease Testing
EPUT.FOI.23.3069 28.07.2023 Occupational Therapy Department
EPUT.FOI.23.3070 28.07.2023 Young People With Higher Risk of Mental Ill-Health
EPUT.FOI.23.3072 31.07.2023 Tender Awarded by EPUT
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.3071 01.08.2023 Staff Training Delivered Relating To Gender Identity
EPUT.FOI.23.3073 01.08.2023 Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3074 01.08.2023 Non Framework Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3075 01.08.2023 Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3078 02.08.2023 Oxehealth
EPUT.FOI.23.3079 02.08.2023 Contact Fire Damper Maintenance Regime
EPUT.FOI.23.3080_Org Charts
03.08.2023 Organisation Structure Charts
EPUT.FOI.23.3081 04.08.2023 Radiology and MRI Departments


EPUT.FOI.23.3082_Org Charts

04.08.2023 The Number of Requests The Trust has Received from a Police Force
EPUT.FOI.23.3083 07.08.2023 Thornbury Nursing Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3084 09.08.2023 Nursing Shifts Were Filled by Off-Framework Agencies
EPUT.FOI.23.3087 11.08.2023 Clinical Systems
EPUT.FOI.23.3088 11.08.2023 Electroconvulsive Therapy
EPUT.FOI.23.3091 11.08.2023 Doctor Complaints


CLP84 Appendix 1 Safe staffing escalation process

CLP84 Appendix 2 Annual cycle

CLP84 Safe staffing

13.08.2023 Patients Admitted to Each Forensic Mental Health Ward
EPUT.FOI.23.3092 14.08.2023 Readmission


EPUT.FOI.23.2964 Responses



Organisation Structure Charts


EPUT.FOI.23.3093 Response

16.08.2023 Complaints Concerning Senior Members of Staff
EPUT.FOI.23.3094 16.08.2023 Crisis Centres


EPUT.FOI.23.3095 Org chart


Procurement Staff Organisation Charts

EPUT.FOI.23.3097 18.08.2023 Trust Spend on Clinical Negligence Claims
EPUT.FOI.23.3098 18.08.2023 Patient Journey, Electronic Bed Management System, CDR



21.08.2023 Contracts
EPUT.FOI.23.3100 21.08.2023 Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
EPUT.FOI.23.3103 22.08.2023 Off-Framework Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3104 22.08.2023 Neurology Workforce



Facilities Management

EPUT.FOI.23.3102 24.08.2023 Framework and Off-Framework Agencies


EPUT.FOI.23.3105_Org chart

24.08.2023 Organisational Chart for the Learning and Development Department
EPUT.FOI.23.3108 24.08.2023 Mental Health Beds

CP9, CP25, CP53, CP59, CPG9, CPG9c, CPG9c, CPG50, CPG60
26.08.2023 Trust Policies
EPUT.FOI.23.3111 29.08.2023 Uterine Fibroids and Endemetriosis
EPUT.FOI.23.3112 29.08.2023 Staff Hired
EPUT.FOI.23.3114 29.08.2023 Sexual Safety
EPUT.FOI.23.3115 30.08.2023 Social Work Staff at EPUT
EPUT.FOI.23.3118 30.08.2023 Investigation for Safeguarding
EPUT.FOI.23.3116 31.08.2023 Adult Eating Disorder Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.3117 31.08.2023 Business Rates Mitigation
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.3119 04.09.2023 Number of Patients Referred by Neurology
EPUT.FOI.23.3121 06.09.2023 Junior Doctors Rota and Medics Rostering


06.09.2023 Tic Disorders
EPUT.FOI.23.3123 06.09.2023 Employment Tribunal Claims and Costs
EPUT.FOI.23.3124 06.09.2023 Staff Banks
EPUT.FOI.23.3125 07.09.2023 DSCR and EPR


Core Psychiatry

07.09.2023 Policies and Guidance for Training in Informed Consent for Doctors


EPUT.FOI.23.3127 - Documents

11.09.2023 Menstruation Information
EPUT.FOI.23.3129 11.09.2023 Staffing Arrangements
EPUT.FOI.23.3152 11.09.2023 Staffing Arrangements
EPUT.FOI.23.3132 12.09.2023 Number of Doctors Returned to Work After Retirement
EPUT.FOI.23.3133 12.09.2023 Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Digital Projects
EPUT.FOI.23.3135 13.09.2023 Robotic Automation
EPUT.FOI.23.3136 13.09.2023 Patient Friends and Family Test
EPUT.FOI.23.3137 14.09.2023 Brockfield House
EPUT.FOI.23.3138 15.09.2023 Off-Framework Usage in the last 1 Months
EPUT.FOI.23.3139 15.09.2023 Off-Framework Nursing Supply



Surgeries and Tests for NHS Patients

EPUT.FOI.23.3115 (001)


Social Work Staff at EPUT

EPUT.FOI.23.3140 18.09.2023 Digital Test Results Access for Patients
EPUT.FOI.23.3141 18.09.2023 Aseptic Pharmacutical Services



Email Usage

EPUT.FOI.23.3143 19.09.2023 Policies Regarding Hoarding and Self Neglect

Finance Structure Chart
19.09.2023 Trust Structure Charts
EPUT.FOI.23.3145 19.09.2023 Agency Nursing Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3146 20.09.2023 Temporary & Permanent Agency Recruitment 2023
EPUT.FOI.23.3147 20.09.2023 Eating Disorder Outpatients - BMI at Discharge



21.09.2023 Contract Register


21.09.2023 Use and Distribution of Electronic Health Records


21.09.2023 CAHMS Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3151 21.09.2023 Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
EPUT.FOI.23.3153 21.09.2023 Disclosures and Employment Tribunals
EPUT.FOI.23.3154 22.09.2023 Financial Times
EPUT.FOI.23.3106 (001) 25.09.2023 Contract Data Facilities Management
EPUT.FOI.23.3156 25.09.2023 Diversity and Inclusion Staffing
EPUT.FOI.23.3158 25.09.2023 Temporary Staff Spend 2022/2023
EPUT.FOI.23.3105 (001) 26.09.2023 Director of Education and Executive Chief Operating Officer Contact Details
EPUT.FOI.23.3160 26.09.2023 Unexpected Deaths of Service Users
EPUT.FOI.23.3162 26.09.2023 Inpatient Suicides
EPUT.FOI.23.3159 28.09.2023 Framework and Off-Framework Temporary Nursing Staff
EPUT.FOI.23.3161 28.09.2023 Infrastructure Failures on Mental Health Wards


EPUT.FOI.23.3164 - Document

29.09.2023 Mental Health Care and Services Immediately Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.3165 01.10.2023 Rostering/Bank Software
EPUT.FOI.23.3166 01.10.2023 Cost Improvement Plan and Outsourcing Providers
EPUT.FOI.23.3168 02.10.2023 Cybersecurity


EPUT.FOI.23.3169 - Question 7.1

EPUT.FOI.23.3169 - Question 7.2

02.10.2023 Nursing Research
EPUT.FOI.23.3053 (001) 03.10.2023 Unpaid Invoices


03.10.2023 Medical Devices



International Recruitment



Chief Executive Officer

EPUT.FOI.23.3174 04.10.2023 Endoscopy Insights
EPUT.FOI.23.3175 04.10.2023 Locked Rehabilitation October 2023

EPUT.FOI.23.3031 (001)

EPUT.FOI.23.3031 (001) DIPA

05.10.2023 Oxehealth/ Oxevision
EPUT.FOI.23.3177 05.10.2023

Cancer Treatment

EPUT.FOI.23.3178 05.10.2023

Healthcare and Specialised Transport

EPUT.FOI.23.3171 10.10.2023 Repair Work
EPUT.FOI.23.3180 10.10.2023 Electronic Patients Records System
EPUT.FOI.23.3181 10.10.2023 Digital Platforms
EPUT.FOI.23.3183 11.10.2023 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia
EPUT.FOI.23.3186 13.10.2023 Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
EPUT.FOI.23.3188 16.10.2023 Aseptic Pharmaceutical Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3189 16.10.2023 Clinical Service Incidents Caused by Estates and Infrastructure Failures
EPUT.FOI.23.3190 17.10.2023 Stolen Medical Equipment
EPUT.FOI.23.3146 18.10.2023 Recruitment agencies to recruit temporary non-medical non-clinical staff
EPUT.FOI.23.3185 18.10.2023 Workforce Planning Systems and Community Scheduling Systems
EPUT.FOI.23.3156 19.10.2023

Number of staff in the Diversity and Inclusion team at the Trust

EPUT.FOI.23.3192 19.10.2023 Digital Transformation Needs
EPUT.FOI.23.3193 19.10.2023 Anorexia Nervosa Data


EPUT.FOI.23.3194-Question 2

19.10.2023 Non-Clinical Staff
EPUT.FOI.23.3195 20.10.2023 Salary Sacrifice Scheme
EPUT.FOI.23.3196 20.10.2023 ICB Contact Details
EPUT.FOI.23.3200 24.10.2023 Bank Workers
EPUT.FOI.23.3201 24.10.2023 Junior Doctors and Consultants Rostered Durig Certain Time Periods
EPUT.FOI.23.3202 24.10.2023 Digital Strategy
EPUT.FOI.23.3166 (001) 25.10.2023 Independent Provider for Psychology Outsourcing
EPUT.FOI.23.3204 25.10.2023 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
EPUT.FOI.23.3205 26.10.2023 Use of Cloud Services for IT Infrastructure


EPUT.FOI.23.3206 Documents

26.10.2023 Organisational Structure Chart
EPUT.FOI.23.3207 26.10.2023 Terminations


EPUT.FOI.23.3208 - Question 1

30.10.2023 Wound Dressings



30.10.2023 Body Worn Cameras
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.3198 01.11.2023 Hospital Beds
EPUT.FOI.23.3215 01.11.2023 Framework and Off-Framework Agency Spend
EPUT.FOI.23.3216 01.11.2023 EDI Training
EPUT.FOI.23.3106 (002) 01.11.2023 Food Contracts
EPUT.FOI.23.3217 01.11.2023 SME Suppliers
EPUT.FOI.23.3218 01.11.2023 Waste Contratcs
EPUT.FOI.23.3220 02.11.2023 Net Budget


EPUT.FOI.23.3221 - Question B

02.11.2023 Provision of Continence Pads and Containment Products for Disabled Children and Disabled Young People
EPUT.FOI.23.3222 06.11.2023 Referral for Weight Loss Surgery
EPUT.FOI.23.3213 16.11.2023 Pressure Ulcer Statistics
EPUT.FOI.23.3224 07.11.2023 Agency Nurse Expenditure


08.11.2023 Translations services


EPUT.FOI.23.3229 - Documents

08.11.2023 Domestic Abuse


EPUT.FOI.23.3231 - Question 4

10.11.2023 Physician Associates
EPUT.FOI.23.3232 13.11.2023 Mechanical Thrombectomy Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3233 13.11.2023 Patient Safety Incident Response Plan
EPUT.FOI.23.3234 13.11.2023 Identifying as Transgender
EPUT.FOI.23.3235 13.11.2023 Apprenticeship Levy
EPUT.FOI.23.3236 14.11.2023 Thornbury Nursing Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3237 14.11.2023 Inpatient Fee Rates for Mental Health
EPUT.FOI.23.3238 15.11.2023 Beds Occupied by a Patient
EPUT.FOI.23.3225 15.11.2023 CCTV in Seclusion Rooms
EPUT.FOI.23.3239 17.11.2023 Contracts Covering Reprographics/ Print Arrangements
EPUT.FOI.23.3240 17.11.2023 Digital Funding
EPUT.FOI.23.3241 17.11.2023 Device Management
EPUT.FOI.23.3242 17.11.2023 Lampard Inquiry and CQC Action Plan
EPUT.FOI.23.3243 20.11.2023 Therapy 4 You Wait Times
EPUT.FOI.23.3244 20.11.2023 Religious Beliefs Training
EPUT.FOI.23.3246 21.11.2023 Women Inpatient Complaints Regarding Transgender Women
EPUT.FOI.23.3248 22.11.2023 CBT Therapists and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners
EPUT.FOI.23.3166 (002) 23.11.2023 Outsourcing Providers
EPUT.FOI.23.3251 23.11.2023 Rostering Utilisation
EPUT.FOI.23.3243 (001) 24.11.2023 Therapy Wait Times
EPUT.FOI.23.3254 28.11.2023 Mortuary Temperature Monitoring
EPUT.FOI.23.3166 (003) 28.11.2023 Outsourcing Providers
EPUT.FOI.23.3255 29.11.2023 Posters Cost
EPUT.FOI.23.3256 30.11.2023 Weight Management Services
EPUT.FOI.23.3257-Response 30.11.2023 Diabetes Services for Type 2 Diabetes
EPUT.FOI.23.3258-Response 30.11.2023 Diabetes Structured Education
Number Date Description
EPUT.FOI.23.3259 01.12.2023 Specialist Bed Waiting Times
EPUT.FOI.23.3261 01.12.2023 Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
EPUT.FOI.23.3262 01.12.2023 Patient Initiated Digital Mutual Aid System
EPUT.FOI.23.3263 04.12.2023 Sexual Health Platform
EPUT.FOI.23.3264 04.12.2023 Network Strategy
EPUT.FOI.23.3265 04.12.2023 Telecommunications Infrastructure Contract Positions
EPUT.FOI.23.3266 08.12.2023 Unlicensed Medication
EPUT.FOI.23.3267 07.12.2023 SAS Scheme Funding
EPUT.FOI.23.3268 07.12.2023 Financial Information
EPUT.FOI.23.3269 08.12.2023 Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Sleeves and Anti-Embolism Stockings
EPUT.FOI.23.3271 08.12.2023 Clinical Systems Information
EPUT.FOI.23.3273 08.12.2023 ITOM, ITSM and Security Software
EPUT.FOI.23.3274 11.12.2023 Operational Pressures Escalation Levels (OPEL) Framework 2023/24
EPUT.FOI.23.3276 12.12.2023 Improving Medication Compliance and Adherence



Internal Policy for E-Mail Disclosure

EPUT.FOI.23.3277 12.12.2023 Staffing Numbers
EPUT.FOI.23.3278 19.12.2023 Inpatient Wards and Beds



Management of Corporate Property and Asset Information

EPUT.FOI.23.3280 14.12.2023 AHP/HSS
EPUT.FOI.23.3282 15.12.2023 Citizenship of Staff
EPUT.FOI.23.3283 18.12.2023 Viscosupplementation
EPUT.FOI.23.3284 18.12.2023 Opthalmology
EPUT.FOI.23.3285 18.12.2023 Fibrin Products



Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Organisations

EPUT.FOI.23.3287 19.12.2023 Staffing System Providers
EPUT.FOI.23.3288 19.12.2023 Zero Hours Contract
EPUT.FOI.23.3289 21.12.2023 NHS Safe House Patients

EPUT.FOI.23.3290 Question 8


Inequalitites in the Medical Workplace



Annual Salary Relating to Roles in the Talking Therapies Service



Intensive Community and Day-Patient Programmes

EPUT.FOI.23.3293 22.12.2023 Trust Policies on Pressure Sores and Sepsis

EPUT.FOI.23.3106 (003)


SRCL Waste Contract



Translation, Interpretation and Language Services Costs

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